HSA News for Feb 4, 2019

Read the latest news about Health Savings Accounts and consumer-driven health care. A few headlines in this week’s report include:

Trump Accepts Pelosi's Offer to Deliver State of the Union at the Capitol on February 5

Congress in Painful Start to Avoid Second Shutdown

Preventive Prescriptions

Medica Taps Medsurety to Power HSA Solutions for Its Individual and Family Members

A Community Bank Links Its Fortunes to the Rising Cost of Health Care

Out With the Old

Tying HSAs to Retirement Savings

Medicare and HSAs: Don’t Get Caught in the Dark

7 Reasons an HSA Should Be Your Favorite Investing Account

A Fainting Spell After a Flu Shot Leads to $4,692 ER Visit

Medicare Chief Tells Philly Conference: Patients Must Be Part of Controlling Health Care Costs

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