Medicare and the Law

Let’s create a scenario: Your family of four has just won a seven-day vacation to a popular theme park. The prize was advertised as paying for your air transportation, housing, and two meals a day, as well as a $1,500 cash for admission tickets, daily lunch, and souvenirs.

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The CBO and Scoring Impacts on Legislation

The letter below that was sent to the Senate Chairman of the Budget Committee describes the almost incomprehensibly incompetent errors the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) made in scoring Republican health care reform plans and describes a laundry list of desperately needed reforms at CBO.  

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Bryan CaplanComment
Government and HSAs

Last time HSAs were updated by congress, Nickelback was still a cool band. The year was 2006 and no, there weren’t cars with tape decks in them anymore but you take the point – this product, creature of the tax code that it is, needs some improvements.

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